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Australian Shepherd
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Fact that the Australian Shepherd belongs to the Herding Dog

Without proper training Australian Shepherds can become disrespectful or very violent. If someone goes through the pages of history he will know that in actuality the great forefathers of Australian Shepherds were not born in Australia. Some claim that these dogs are the byproducts of cross-breeding because in 19th century o r the early part of 20th century, Australian Shepherds were shipped to America with other livestock.

These dogs were actually hybridized with the local dogs such as English and american Shepherd breeds. The main job of these hardworking and ferocious dogs was to monitor the movements of the livestock and other herding animals in the grazing fields and ranches. The average range of the height of the Australian Shepherds is approximately between 18 and 23 inches.

It is the fact that the Australian Shepherd belongs to the Herding Dog Group. It is thought to be medium sized and they have tremendous capability to give escort to the shepherds working in the ranches.

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