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Australian Shepherd
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Fact that the Australian Shepherd belongs to the Herding Dog

Without proper training Australian Shepherds can become disrespectful or very violent. If someone goes through the pages of history he will know that in actuality the great forefathers of Australian Shepherds were not born in Australia. Some claim that these dogs are the byproducts of cross-breeding because in 19th century o r the early part of 20th century, Australian Shepherds were shipped to America with other livestock.

These dogs were actually hybridized with the local dogs such as English and american Shepherd breeds. The main job of these hardworking and ferocious dogs was to monitor the movements of the livestock and other herding animals in the grazing fields and ranches. The average range of the height of the Australian Shepherds is approximately between 18 and 23 inches.

It is the fact that the Australian Shepherd belongs to the Herding Dog Group. It is thought to be medium sized and they have tremendous capability to give escort to the shepherds working in the ranches.

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The Ranch Jobs in Australia

If you like adventure, want to experience the authentic, original Australia and end a busy day at the campfire, then, working on a ranch in Australia’s magical hinterland might be just what you are looking for. In the endless expanse of the Australian Outback are the largest ranches in the world. Many of them are larger than 10,000 km², which roughly corresponds to the area of ​​Jamaica. Working on an Australian ranch is undoubtedly a very special experience. But what exactly does Work & Traveler expect from ranch work in Australia? What requirements do you have to bring with you and how do you get such a job?

Working on ranch

You may wonder what ranching in Australia is exactly and what is the difference from farm work? If you work on a farm, commonly you will deal with the classical agriculture. The work includes the cultivation and cultivation of crops in the foreground. A ranch, on the other hand, is usually a large farm known as husbandry. You can work at a horse ranch, sheep ranch or cattle ranch, for example. The work with the animals is in the foreground. The term “ranch” for farms with livestock is mainly distributed in the US and Canada. In Australia, these stationary operations are usually called “stations” with animals, for example, “cattle station” or “sheep station”.

Requirements for a ranch job

If you want to do a job on a ranch or station in the Australian Outback, above all, you should bring along a certain liking for life in rural areas. You should feel comfortable in nature and enjoy the break from the hectic city life, without missing the constant accessibility. Especially on a ranch, it is very important to be good with animals and not to be afraid of large animals. Having the experience of working in agriculture is a great advantage for working on ranches or stations since the tasks are sometimes demanding and require special knowledge.

Required skills to work on an Australian ranch include:

  • Horseback riding and horse care

  • Driving a tractor

  • Handling special agricultural machinery such as chainsaws, bulldozers, etc.

  • Motorcycling

  • Having an experience working on the structure or in the construction

Those who have relevant knowledge or experience in these areas will comparatively easily get a well-paid job on a ranch. Ranching in Australia often requires hard, physical work. So you should be relatively physically fit and have no problems getting up early.

On a ranch, the working day often starts with the sunrise.  Anyone who is completely inexperienced tends to have a worse experience with adjusting themselves. One solution for this issue is perhaps ranch training, where you gain experience and learn key skills such as riding and handling animals. If the hard physical work is not for you, but you still want to get to know rural Australia and live the life on a ranch, there are alternatives. Nannies, household helpers and teachers for the children are also being sought on the ranches in the Outback.

How do I find a ranch job?

Many ways lead to a ranch job in Australia. First, there are job agencies that specialise in ranch work. They teach you according to your abilities and experiences at ranches, which are looking for workers. With a Google search, you can quickly find the appropriate job agencies on site. Also in the relevant backpacker magazines, which are located in almost every hostel for free, you will find contact information of Job Agencies in the respective state. Sometimes these magazines also have direct job advertisements for ranch work in Australia. In addition, there are specialist magazines for farm and ranch work in Australia, in which jobs are also advertised.

The Job Desks in the Backpacker Hostels are also a place to ask for Ranch Work. It always makes a particularly good impression in Australia, if you introduce yourself personally with the CV in your luggage at the respective ranch. This is only possible if you have your own vehicle or can ride with someone. The farms are very remote and are usually not accessible without a car. If you walk straight into work clothes, you demonstrate your drive, and with a little luck, you can start right away.

Farm training experience

If you’ve had little or no experience in agriculture so far, then farm training for ranching in Australia is recommended. It will teach you the basics and skills you need to work on a ranch.

The training will give you a much better-prepared ranch job in Australia and increase your chances of finding a well-paid ranch job. It’s also a wonderful way to get a taste of everyday ranch life and see if it’s all or not.

The best part of the weeklong job preparation courses, however, is that your instructors teach you at the end of the training according to your skills and talents at ranches in Australia. So having a ranch job after such training is as good as in your pocket.

With or without organisation

Undoubtedly, having ranching in Australia through an organisation has many benefits. Especially if you have just arrived in Australia, the organisation will help you, among other things, apply for a tax code, open an Australian bank account and choose the right clothes for ranch work. Even before your trip, you will receive support with applying for the Working Holiday visa and any questions about your stay in Australia. In addition, you then have a local contact person and are not completely alone in case of any difficulties and problems. However, the strongest argument for an organisation is that it gives you ranch jobs throughout your stay in Australia.

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After completing the training, you will already receive your first job offer that matches your skills and talents. Afterwards, you can always use the large network of the organisation. If you prefer to take things into your own hands and already have experience, you will certainly find a job without an organisation on an Australian ranch. For all those who have not been able to gain any significant experience in agriculture, it is definitely worth organising an organisation with ranch training and job placement.